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Tamure' Corporation
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Tamure' is a licensed real estate corporation
in the state of Florida

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Consider an exclusive buyer-broker who will represent only you, not the sellers. Nonexclusive real-estate agents tend to show you their own listings first, since they won't have to share the commission if they represent both the buyer and the seller. Then they'll probably show you their firm's listings, since they stand to gain from those sales as well. It can help to search online first and target some homes that might be right for you, no matter who has the listing.!

The last thing you want to do is walk into an open house and start blabbing how much you can afford to the agent who has listed the house. That agent owes his or her allegiance to the seller and only the seller. If you're negotiating with a pro, you ought to have a pro in your corner, too.  Get an advocate on your side.  It's commonplace now for buyers to sign up their own agents to represent their interests in a deal. Look for a buyer's broker who will represent you and only you.